Multi Shot – 12/24

Quick Christmas Eve hits from around the MMO-sphere:

Have jumped into the free-to-play twilight of Tabula Rasa, and I’m surprised and impressed.  The game has made huge leaps from the clunky beta that I played – I’m having a great time playing through the early levels.  Beau Turkey predicted that someone will step up and save TR from closing, and I hope he’s right – there’s a lot of unexplored potential in this world.

Speaking of worlds refusing to die, the third time may prove to be the charm for Myst Online as Cyan Worlds prepares to release the project into the wild as an open source project.  I can’t wait to see the cavern alive again.  Last week, I fired up the offline version of URU, and got a little choked up just loading up the Cleft.  There’s not a lot of information at the moment, but the community is already making plans, and I’ll be watching the developments closely.

The open beta for the City of Heroes Mac version has gone live.  I’ve done some poking as a trial member, and am really torn whether to subscribe or not.  The Cider-powered client is behaving very well – much better than EVE’s when it first shipped – and anything that adds to the Mac MMO world, I entirely support.  On the other hand, the game itself is not doing too much for me.  It’s pretty but empty, and I’m running into a lot of repetitive mobs and not much direction – feels very similar to the opening areas of Matrix Online.  That said, I’m playing on the test server – is there anything I should be looking for, or trying to do?

That’s all for this evening, I think – look for this week’s Progress Bar on Friday, and in the meantime, Merry Christmas!


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