The Progress Bar – 12/18

Welcome to the first installment of the Progress Bar – a weekly digest of what my characters are up to, and what I’ve been doing to get in their way!

Deyna HeadshotOutside of her snazzy new haircut, Deyna has been spending most of her time on the PTR, stalking the wild shot rotation.  If there’s time before 3.0.8 goes live, she’s considering looking into this whole Survivalist thing, just for the heck of it.

Gnome for the HolidaysMikkela, as you can see, has been throwing herself into the Winter Veil festivities!  She’s also been getting the lion’s share of play time this week, and is now sitting one bubble short of 38.  She can see Holy Shield getting close and closer on the talent tree, and she wants. 🙂

Mykella HeadshotMykella has also been spending quite a while on the PTR’s, and remains quite happy with the Frost tree and all its toys.  It’s possible she may try a little bit of Blood if there’s time, but would miss Frost Strike if it went away.

What’s distracting me: Work, Guitar Hero III, trying not to resubscribe to EVE Online.


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