Growl and threat on the PTR

Finally got on to the 3.0.8 PTR this morning, and am feeling very comfortable with the changes to pet threat generation.  Took Deyna and her turtle (which, if these changes hold, will definitely be a keeper, and will probably be named Yertle) out on Howling Fjord, picked a few mobs at random, and went to town.  In very limited (~10 fights) testing, I was unable to pull aggro, even while throwing the kitchen sink at ’em.

Speaking of which – saw a new change mentioned at MMO Champion:

Arcane Shot: Mana cost lowered to match the cost of Steady Shot.

I knew one of the points of the nerf was to make us mix up our shot rotations a little more, and this makes it even a litte more interesting.  More experimentation to follow, once I get Recount and Omen installed on the PTR client.


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