Diamonds in the rough

Since better minds have already been dealing with the impact of the 3.0.8 hunter nerfs, I’m instead going to point up one that I’m really looking forward to:

Growl— threat generation increased by 20%

I’ve been having some serious aggro management issues since Wrath went live.  Part of it is my own fault – I’m using a turtle pet, which are a little slow at building hate, and I’m trying out Marksmanship, which is proving to do excellent and rather burst-y damage.  Put those together, and I’m yanking aggro off my pet quickly and often, even when pulling with Misdirection.  Buffing Growl should make a big difference in my ability to solo with any sort of consistency, and maybe even let me enjoy the big damage numbers instead of automatically diving for Feign Death.  (Fixing the Cower bug would also be nice.)

Anyone else out there having pet problems?  Or do I just need to bite the bullet and drop the turtle?


2 Responses to Diamonds in the rough

  1. Fahr & Bacon says:

    Not having too much of a threat issue since putting growl & cower on my pet bar. I hate losing the space, but it sure stinks when Cower pops on and I can’t even get a growl in for like 20 seconds. 😦

    Prior to that bug, the only time I had problems were when I had my boar and they ubernerfed the charge*growl issue with it.

    I run with Omen on ALL of the time, so I don’t usually pull agro unless I crit sting and the tank doesn’t have a big lead on me.

  2. Steve says:

    That makes a lot of sense – it’s pretty easy, especially when logging on for just a little while, to forget to turn Cower off. Thankfully, since the turtle AI is smart enough to pop Shell Shield when needed, I’ve got the free space on the pet bar. Having it right there and flashing should be a good reminder. 🙂

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