Meet the Cast!

Before things get really rolling along here, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the faces you’re going to see around here.


Deyna, here, is my main.  She’s my only raiding character, and as such has a fair chunk of Kara purples, with a few left-over Outland blues and greens.  (The helm is hidden to show off her new haircut…and because the Earthwarden’s Coif makes her look like a bird landed on her head!)  I know the night elf hunter is a fairly stereotypical choice, but there’s a reason for that – they’re fantastic for soloing, exploring, and just geting your feet wet.

Dey is currently level 71, Marksman-spec, and rolling with a (so far) unnamed pet turtle.  Because of time constraints, she’s been leveling slowly, but after seeing the Kalu’ak rep rewards, I think she may step entirely off the leveling treadmill and focus on the penguin pet!


Mikkela is the baby of the group, a level 32 blood elf paladin that I started just for the heck of it, and am now entirely addicted to playing.  Can’t help it – I love the Seal/Judgement mechanic, and the feeling of self-sufficiency and semi-invulnerability (except when not quite getting the AoE griding thing right).  No real goal in mind for her, just want to keep playing and see what I see.  The initial plan was to grow her into a tankadin, but I’d kind of like to learn to heal on her as well.  Who knows, maybe she can go both ways?

Entirely entertained by this picture of her, but not entirely sure why.  I think it’s the “What are you, and how do I get you out of my way?  Oh look – I have a hammer!” tilt to her head.


And the newest addition, though not the lowest level, is Mykella, my night elf death knight.  (I feel like this is turning into an elf fetish blog.  I promise it’s not intentional!)  Not a whole lot to say about her yet, as she’s just barely out of the starting area and into Hellfire Peninsula.  At the moment, she’s leveling as Frost – both because I eventually intend to tank with her, and because I’m obstinate and like doing things my way. 🙂

Mykella is not named after Mikkela – instead, she’s named after a character from the book I had been reading right before Wrath shipped. Not an original idea either – there are several more Mykellas on the Armory, including another DK!

So that’s a quick introduction to the major players – there will surely be more from time to time, as I’m a stress-induced altaholic, but these are the three I’m focusing on.


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